7 Pup Friendly Activities

1. Dog Yoga

 Time to stretch, relax, and get a bunch of slobber in your face! Isn't yoga so much more fun when your dog is kissing your face the whole time? Check out some local events through meetup.com or make your own "Doga" event!

2. Dog Beach

Get some sun, lounge, and let your pup run! Research to find local beaches and/or lakes that are dog friendly. It's a great way to get some relaxation and also be entertained watching all the dogs play. 

3. Dog Park

This can be just as social for you as it is for your dog! Meet other people in your community at the dog park as you bond watching your dogs play. The best part is watching all the personalities come out and all the different breeds.

4. Go Shopping

Go stroll through a Target or the mall. Surprisingly, many stores are dog friendly these days as long as you have a well-behaved, friendly pup. Your dog will love the experience, new smells, and all the attention they get in a store.

5. Book a Weekend Trip at a Dog Friendly Hotel

Explore new places and see new sights. There are plenty of dog friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts, and AirBNB's. Research a nearby hot spot and book a hotel. Both you and your dog will enjoy the new experiences together. 

A great resource to search for dog friendly places, check out Bring Fido:

Bring Fido

6. Go Grab a Beer

As long as the weather permits, go grab a beer or glass of wine at a local restaurant with a patio. Most patios are dog friendly, but call ahead to make sure. So sit outside and enjoy a drink with your dog right by your side.

7. Book a Photo Shoot

How much fun would it be to choose some outfits and props for your dogs photo shoot? There are many local photographers that could give you a deal for a quick photo shoot of your pup. These are pictures you will enjoy for life!


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