A Chapel Built for the Dogs

A chapel built for fur angels. Take a trip to Dog Mountain in Vermont and you'll find a cozy place you may enjoy with your pup. 

If you're looking for a calm place to enjoy life with your pup, or even pay tribute to a loved one who passed, Dog Mountain is a perfect destination.

The chapel is a quaint, small building where you can leave notes and pictures leaving tribute to your furry loved ones. 

The chapel sits on a beautiful hillside full of green space, trees, and a pond where your pup may swim. There are also trails where your dog may run leash free. 

For a full history and more information, visit their website at https://www.dogmt.com/

(We have no affiliation, we just really think this place deserves to be seen!)

Source: Dog Mountain

Source: Dog Mountain

Source: Dog Mountain

*Title photo courtesy of NPR Carlton SooHoo/Courtesy of Dan Collison


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