Women share such incredible bonds with their pups, so we want to share their stories!
We've asked our Instagram followers to share their stories and explain how their pups enrich their lives. Here is what they have to say!


"He is genuinely my best friend, sounds soppy but he's there for cuddles when I'm sad, and usually the reason I am happy or laughing. My little shadow and definitely my best friend."


"Bagel is my partner in crime, we bring out the best in each other!"


"Getting her was the decision I've ever made. She's made me such a better, more patient person since she has such bad anxiety and trust issues. She really is the light of my life!"

M and Arie.

These two have such a dynamic bond that Ari inspired M to start her own company! M designs boho chic accessories for your pet!

Sandra Anna and Huey.

These two are always super stylish, even for short walks. Sandra Anna is a pastry chef and Huey helps by eating any scraps that may fall to the floor!

Abbey and Winston.

Abbey says that her cuddle-sized polar bear is "Her pride and Joy."


Thank you, ladies, for sharing your stories and photos with us! If you would like to share your story, please post on Instagram and tag us @thefartingdog. Be sure to tag #agirlsbestfriend and #agirlandherdog. You can always email us at fartingdogcompany@gmail.com.
There are still more stories to be shared, so stay tuned as we foster these incredible relationships between a girl and her pup!


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