Does homemade dog food make all the difference?

Our dog, Charlie, who is a healthy, active 2 year-old cockapoo was having chronic digestive issues that never seemed to end. Her poor tummy would always be upsetting her. No matter the number of pet visits, nothing seemed to really work.

We had blood tests, fecal samples taken, and to no avail, there was never an answer to our problem. We needed to see healthy poops and a pup who felt good. That's it.

We continued to change her diet and try all these different foods. However, no matter the brand, how "healthy" the food was, prescription food, her digestive issues stayed. I finally listened to my gut and that was, no processed food is healthy. Period. I wouldn't eat these brown balls. Why should Charlie?

I did a little research and referred to my dear friend, Pinterest. What are people feeding their dogs these days?

I found all sorts of fun stuff that I eat that is actually healthy for dogs. Chicken, eggs, carrots, peas, apples, spinach. Let's forgo these nasty little brown balls and get fresh. I mean, look at it...would you eat it?

I started feeding Charlie these ingredients bit by bit, making sure that none of them hurt her tummy. She seemed to love it and no negative reaction. So I got my good ole crock-pot out and started cooking. I filled it with ground chicken, peas, yams, carrots, oatmeal gluten-free, brown rice, eggs, spinach, and coconut oil.

Not only did Charlie LOVE it, her stomach issues day by day started improving. No more bad poops. Her stomach seems to not be affecting her. Who would of thought! Healthy fresh food, healthy gut leads to an overall healthy dog.

I cook this about once a month. I put portions into small zip locks or Tupperware and freeze it. Each portion is enough to last 3-4 days, then I take another bag out and thaw it out. This way, I'm not constantly cooking her dog food and it's all prepped and ready to go for a month's time. I do, however, mix a little raw Stella and Chewy's food with it, and this seems to work well for us. 

Every dog has different sensitivities and drastically switching diets can hurt your dog. So be mindful, but also explore your options. There are a lot of great companies out there who specialize in preparing fresh foods for your dogs. There is even a raw food craze that has helped a lot of peoples' pets. I do integrate some raw food into Charlie's diet, but it's not the focus.

If your pup is having chronic health issues and chronic digestive problems, change the diet! Just putting this out there, I am NOT a veterinarian, a dog diet specialist, or have any medical training. This is simply my experience preparing fresh food that is dog safe and the outcome I experienced. 

Here is a little map of healthy do's and don'ts food I found on Pinterest. Enjoy!

 I've also collected some posts on Pinterest talking about all this good stuff:


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