Famous People in History and their Pets

Dogs, as well as other animals, have been our companions through out history. Even the rich and famous have sought out the loyal companionship of dogs over the years. Here are some famous faces you may recognize and their pets who deserve to steal the show:

Audrey Hepburn

Meet Mr. Famous, Audrey's beloved Yorkshire Terrier. Mr. Famous introduced the trend of lap dogs to Hollywood, which eventually became popular to the rest of the world. In a sad twist of events, he was run over by a car in Los Angeles, but his legacy lives on!

Frank Sinatra

When we thought the perfect man couldn't get more perfect, we learn Sinatra was also an avid dog and animal lover! Frank always had a furry companion with him through out his adult life. His daughter, Tina, recalls as a young girl, she asked him where heaven was. He replied "Heaven is where all the animals go."

Lucille Ball

Taffy and Pinto were Lucilles famous cocker spaniels. During her marriage to Desi Arnaz, the couple always owned many dogs, but these two in particular were well known to the public at the time. Lucille is a lovable personality, but even more so now that we know she was a huge animal lover.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo lived a life full of animal companions. His dachshund, Lump, made his way into a handful of his paintings. Pablo had quite a few breakups through out his life and he would ask for very few things in return, but his dogs were never negotiable. Pablo was also known to give dogs as gifts to his friends to make sure they never went without a companion.

Frida Kahlo

No surprise here, but Frida had a variety of exotic pets through out her life, including a pet fawn named Granizo, spider monkeys, hens, and a Hairless Maxian Ixquintle dog. 

Elvis Presley

Ain't nothin but a hound dog, cryin all the time...

Elvis was never short on animals. He had chows, basset hounds, Pomeranians and horses. His chow, Getlow (not pictured) even made an appearance with him onstage once. He was on tour when he learned his dog passed away and he cried the whole way home. 

Paul McCartney

Meet Paul's famous sheep dog, Martha, the unofficial 5th Beatle. Martha appeared in photo and video shoots. On The Beatles White Album, you may remember a song titled "Martha My Dear." Martha lived to 15 years of age.

Andy Warhol

The prince of pop art was an avid dog and cat lover. Archie was known for always accompanying Andy around town. He would hide on his lap at restaurants, attend art gallery openings and keep him company at his studio. We know who the real inspiration behind his works of art is!


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