Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Taking a walk with your pet benefits the both of you. Here are some health benefits taking those daily strolls.

1. Weight Loss

Walking keeps the pounds off for both you and your dog! Boost your metabolism and burn calories. 

2. Helps with Digestion

Exercise improves the efficiency of the digestive process by stimulating intestinal muscles. 

3. Reduces Destructive Behavior

Pets need to exert their energy somewhere and if they don't get regular exercise, they will engage in destructive behavior such as chewing, digging, and scratching.

4. Reduces Need for Constant Attention

A nice, sleepy pup allows for a quiet household. Plenty of exercise will allow your pup to feel restful and reduce the need for attention. 

5. Creates Pack Mentality

Walking improves your relationship with your pup by creating a space of safety and inclusion. Dogs are pack animals and they need to feel that bond. 

6. Builds Trust

Not only does walking building trust between you and your pet, but your pets trust and confidence with its' surroundings such as other people and animals. 

7. Reduces Stress and Depression

Spending time alone with your pup will boost your mood and reduce stress. Oxytocin gets released, reducing stress symptoms and helping you relax. 

8. Improves Heart Health

Physical activity helps reduce heart disease. Combine walking with being alongside your companion, studies have shown dogs to help reduce blood pressure and resting heart rate. 

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