Real sausage links for pups?

Mackenzie Flick

We are always on the hunt for new, exciting pup products that are healthy and tasty!

The more we learn about how artificial most food and treats are on the market, the more important it is we keep alert to our options. We ran into a gentleman, Arthur, in Los Angeles who started Natures Pet Club. He is incredibly passionate about his work and made sure we took samples to feed our pups!



We gave Charlie a taste of his Doggie Dawgs Sausages and she went nuts! The sausages are made from only natural ingredients (chicken, salmon, sweet potato, etc) with no added artificial flavors or preservatives you find in most dog food. We are so intrigued by his product that we reached out to him and he was happy to answer some questions for us!

How did Natures Pet Club come about?

Arthur's co-founder, Chuck, was noticing his dogs were having some digestive issues and after a trip to the vet, learned they were also gluten-intolerant. Being a chef, he decided to make something with his wife, a dietitian, a healthy and tasty snack for their dogs. 

Why are these sausages so healthy for our pets?

All the sausages ingredients were put into a collagen casing because of all the health benefits of collagen.
   1. It Stabilizes Joints and Prevent Injuries
   2. It Improves Age-Related Joint Pain
   3. It Aids in Digestion
   4. It Promotes Hair Growth, Strong Nails & A Healthy Coat
   5. It Tastes Great and Inspires A Healthy Appetite

How do you feed your dog these sausages?

Doggy Dawgs can be used as regular and reward treats, training treats, pill delivery system, dry food/kibble toppers, mixing with food for older dogs who are losing sense of smell and appetite. Doggy Dawgs can be served, frozen, thawed, warm or any which way your dog prefers.

Can humans eat these?

They are made for dogs, but are made out of all human grade ingredients!

RAW foods are big craze these days, are these cooked?

Doggy Dawgs are fully cooked and naturally smoked, artisan deli style sausages with a purposeful ingredient blend.

Where can we find them?

You can find them at www.naturespetclub.com and various pet stores around Los Angeles! Follow them on Instagram @natures_pet_club.

Thank-you, Arthur, for taking your time to speak with us! We wish you all the best!


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