Spiritual Lessons Our Pets Teach Us About Life

Do you feel like no one can understand just how MUCH you love your pet? That crazy, unconditional love you have cannot be described. The emotional bond one experiences with their pet is always unique and powerful.

From Chopra.com, Amanda Lee Ringnalda explores how our pets teach us incredible spiritual lessons and why we feel so intensely about our loved furry friends!

1. Present Moment Awareness
Pets live in the present moment and are able to a tremendous amount of joy by simply being around them. They are always attentive and fully present.

2. Acceptance, Contentment
Pets do not have the same superficial concerns and worries that humans posses. Pets just live in a state of "It is what it is."

3. Non-judgement
Our pets have the ability to discern what they like and don't like, but interpret their experiences as one of two emotions: fear or love. They focus on what matters and move on when it doesn't.

4. Adaptability
Pets are more accepting of life on life's terms. They also experiences lifes ups and downs, but feel at peace when they are with you.

5. Unconditional Love
Your pet is just totally satisfied with who you are. End of story.

6. Loyalty
Your pet knows loyalty more than you will ever understand. No matter the circumstance, your pet always stands by you through thick or thin; even when you are at your worst.

7. Intuition Over Intellect
Our pets are so advanced spiritually! In comparison, we have a long way to go, so tune in and learn a few things from your pup! They use their own internal instincts and intuition to drive their actions and behavior. What did we do to deserve their love and protection?
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