About Us and Mission

My name is Mackenzie and I started The Farting Dog Company. I love dogs, dog toys, and laughter! I strive to make the best and cutest plush toys on the market. Plus, they may even make you laugh. 

Since adopting our cockapoo, Charlie, it has become a family affair to go to the local pet shop and pick out a toy. Charlie has always enjoyed her plush toys and we love watching her play with them.

After years of wanting to design dog toys, I had a dream I was in a cloud squeezing dog toys that would make farting sounds. That morning, I knew what to do and The Farting Dog Company was born.

I also want to give back. Charlie was a shelter dump pup and was almost euthanized because she was sick with parvo. By providing both humorous and quality products, I am able donate a portion of the profits to organizations that desperately need the resources to keep homeless animals from unnecessary euthanasia and find them a loving home for life!

I am just getting started on my journey and I can't wait to share it with you!