Elly the Smelly Elephant

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Her trunk is not the only sound making flute! Squeeze her belly for a delightful surprise!
  • FLUFFY AND CUDDLY She's so soft and cute that your pet may just use her as a pillow. But she toots so watch out!
  • MESH LINER AND DOUBLE STITCHING for extra durability and strength! Durable mesh lining. Quality only!
  • MADE OF NON-TOXIC MATERIALS AND INSERTS for your pets’ safety. 100% polyester and non-toxic polyfil.
  • GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU LAUGH she farts for crying out loud! 
  • MAY SERVE AS A GAG GIFT Elly is well designed, snuggly, may serve as a a gag gift for a friend.
  • UNITING FUR BABIES WITH THEIR FUREVER HUMANS A portion of profits will be donated to organizations that protect the welfare of homeless animals and make sure they find their forever homes!  

Recommended for light chewers.

We love our dogs, so please monitor your pet while playing with this toy. The sound insert is a choking hazard that may cause serious injury.

Oh, and don’t even think about blaming your farts on this toy!