Luxury Pet Blanket with Plush Bone Toy (Gray)

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  • ULTRA SOFT AND LUXURIOUS Soft and comfortable minky fabric material, Minky is a high-quality polyester similar to fleece, but a little thicker and softer, helping reduce the fading and wearing of the blanket over time.
  • REVERSIBLE DOUBLE LAYER Smooth colored side (Gray or Coral) on one side, cream/white minky dotted material on the other side.
  • EASY TO CLEAN Durable for machine wash (cold water only) and may be used in dryer on air fluff setting or line dried (recommended). Does not shrink. Great stain resistant fabric.
  • DOES WELL WITH DOG AND CAT HAIR Tightly woven so pet hair will not accumulate into the blanket. Hair removed easily with lint roller, dryer sheet, a good shake, or a wash. 
  • GREAT FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED PETS Blanket is 28x40in. Fits well inside of a crate or kennel, on your pets favorite couch spot, car seat, over your pets bed, or on the end of yours. Comes with a bonus plush bone toy!